Combining modern technology with a miracle from nature...


To bring you a very healthy glass of water...

From the only Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System that adds a Moringa filter

Not only will your water be healthier, but it will also taste better!

Your coffee and tea will improve as well!

A Revolutionary Home and Office Water Filtration and Purifying System

MORCLĒR™ adds the Miracle of Moringa to the filtration process!

With no plumbing or installation required!

Morclēr’s unique six–stage water filtration and purifying system combines the power of reverse osmosis with Moringa’s cleansing properties to deliver clean, pure water.

This patent-pending technology substantially reduces virtually all the toxic chemicals in your tap water, including pharmaceuticals.

It is so effective it can turn any tap water source into quality, better-than bottled drinking water. Other filters—like those found in your refrigerator or in gravity-fed systems — are designed to make water taste better (by filtering out chlorine), but not necessarily safer, and can leave behind many of the toxic and harmful contaminants.

Morclēr also affects the PH balance of your drinking water, normally producing water with a PH of 7 to 8. Experts agree that an ideal balance is 7.35 to 7.45. 

If you're familiar with under the counter RO systems, you know that most waste water. Their designs call for a bypass valve that pours this precious commodity down your drain!

Morclēr's (patent pending) recirculation RO system eliminates this waste!

Zija is the first company to harness the power of Moringa’s cleansing properties in a commercial water filter.

For the average 4 member family, the cost is only around *$60 per month! 

*The average bottled-water-drinking household spends nearly $60 a month on single-use, environmentally harmful bottles. In total, over 73 billion half-liter bottles of water are consumed in the United States each year! Nearly 80% of these bottles end up in landfills and 1.6 million tons of plastic from bottled water is littered in lakes, streams, and roadways.

You can stop contributing to the massive waste that comes with buying bottled water...

The problem is real, it's wasteful and toxic.


You can taste the difference!

Drinking bottled water may not be much better than drinking tap water.


• Greatly improves the quality and taste of water
• Raises and lowers the pH of water to a balanced, advantageous drinking water state
• Provides an advanced, six-stage, state-of-the-art, pressurized water filtration and purifying system 
• Cost savings efficient (*costs less than $4 per year to operate) and environmentally friendly
• Limits water waste with Morclēr’s patent-pending recirculation RO system** 
• Quick and easy filter replacements—Morclēr automatically notifies users when each filter needs to be replaced
• Easy and intuitive installation—ready to use in less than 10 minutes

*  electrical costs, not including filters

** compared to other RO systems or under the counter installations


At $499 the Morcler is competitively priced compared to other countertop Reverse Osmosis systems and takes the filtration process further with six-stage filtration compared to four. That sixth step is to pass the water through a unique Moringa based, organic compound, filter. No other system offers this step.

Moringa has been known for some time now to be capable (by its self) of making water potable in developing nations!

Contact me for a demostration of the simplicity in using the Morcler, and take a taste of the best water you will ever try!