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Optimal Health is a state of wellness found with a balance of Mind, Spirit, and Body. I offer you tools to obtain and maintain your optimal health.

These tools are drawn from years of experience and practical application.

Healthy Marie looks forward to working with those who are seeking alternative natural wellness.


Natural Wellness

For your general well being, Physical Vascular Therapy with the BEMER System.

State of the Art Technology

One extremely valuable tool is the use of a non-invasive medical device to assist with increasing blood flow in the body. Increasing circulation can enhance cardiac function, physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy. It can also assist with sleep management, stress reduction, mental concentration and relaxation.


BEMER Santa Rosa for improved circulation BEMER System

Combined Therapeutics from Healthy Marie

Combining these therapeutics, and constantly seeking out effective new products for my clients, has become my life’s mission.

Nothing provides greater pleasure to Marie than to have a conversation with someone seeking out natural wellness alternatives. Her knowledge goes far beyond the products found on this site.

She welcomes your call and your questions, and she is adept in helping others find the right balance of modalities specific to your needs and lifestyle.

Marie Anderson - Wellness Coach Santa Rosa

With Marie’s help you can benefit from:

Increased circulationIncreased microcirculationImproved quality of sleepIncreased mobilityImproved cardiovascular functionImproved injury recoveryImproved cellular oxygen enhancementImproved detoxificationImproved elimination