BEMER System Holiday Offering

Are you ready to own your own BEMER System?

BEMER Santa Rosa for improved circulation BEMER System

What better gift to give yourself or others than the gift of good health?

Many of my clients have found that the extended use available when owning their own BEMER System is well worth the investment. I offer very reasonably priced sessions and can see you 3 days a week, but imagine a session or more every day, to bring your circulation to the peak, and keep it there? 


Having your own BEMER gives you unlimited potential for improving so many aspects of your health and mobility that I would love to discuss with you.


And every member of your household would have an opportunity to experience the benefits as well! 


Because of that, this holiday season I am offering a very special bonus gift when you purchase a BEMER Pro System from me between November 20 and December 19, 2018


So please contact me and let's talk about how you can benefit from owning your own BEMER System and becoming a member of the BEMER family of users.


You'll be right along side of Olympic athletes and members of the NFL Alumni!